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Peach Ocampo


In Peach’s words

Data is everywhere and a huge part of our daily lives in more ways than most of us realize. Thus, there is a dire need for professionals who can understand, appreciate, and wield vast amounts of information to deliver sound business decisions.


My background as a CPA equipped me with the framework and transferable skills to successfully pursue a profession in this field. When I was granted the opportunity to further my studies, I immediately took the chance; and the fact that I also get to live in a beautiful city like Vancouver, was not too bad either.

What was your experience like going back to school?

The transition back to school was no easy feat after working for several years and being close to my family. It has been a big adjustment to live away from them. On top of this, I had to properly manage my time to accommodate school, and working part-time as a bookkeeper.


It was definitely an eye-opening experience. The program calls for several hours of programming and coding, which were mostly self-taught.  The difficulty of remote learning during a pandemic also posed a lot of challenges. But I am grateful for the support of my family and my friends to help me get through these mentally and emotionally taxing times.


What do you look forward to as a new member to AFCA-BC?

I am excited to build meaningful relationships by networking with the members, and attending the professional development sessions. As a newly landed immigrant, I also seek to be inspired by the success stories of our members, who once stood where I am today. Most of all, I am a firm believer of mentorship, and I wish to participate in the AFCA-BC mentorship program in the future.

What are some of your favourite things to do outside the office?

My previous employment allowed me to travel for business and leisure which I very much enjoyed. I hope to one day travel with my family post-pandemic, and explore what beautiful British Columbia has to offer. In my very little spare time, I enjoy reading inspirational books, and occasionally binge watch Korean dramas.

After moving to Vancouver in September 2020, Peach Ocampo took an unexpected path to pursue a career in business and data analytics following years of being an accountant.

Like most in our profession, Peach’s professional life came from humble beginnings. After obtaining her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation in the Philippines, she pursued a career in public practice – joining the audit team of SGV & Co from 2006 to 2009. She eventually moved to industry, quickly advancing into senior positions while working for industry giants such as Globe Telecom, and multinational corporation - Sony Entertainment.


Having a curious personality and a strong commitment to advance professionally, Peach turned to international labour market trends to consider her next steps. The rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data piqued her interest, and decided to pursue the business analytics as her next career milestone. She is currently attending Langara College working towards a post-degree certificate in Data Analytics.

Learn more about Peach below.

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