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Creed and Core Values



Upholding its core values of excellence, leadership, professionalism, respect and teamwork.


Conducting ourselves with high ethical values beyond reproach.


Keeping ourselves up-to-date on technical matters.


Giving back to the community through the use of our skills as professional accountants.


Acting in the best interests of our fellow members, the community and our country.



To promote professional development and continuing education among members through conducting seminars and workshops;

To promote personal development among members and facilitate their integration into Canada's professional markets;

To develop high ideals of competence, ethical conduct, integrity and civic consciousness among members; to promote and maintain high professional standards among members;

To foster cordial, harmonious and beneficial relationship among members;

To establish a strong entity that can represent members in professional and other organizations in Canada; and

To establish liaison with other organization in the furtherance of membership interests.




We achieve excellence through learning. We deliver regular professional development courses to assist our members achieve their potential.


We attain success through leadership. We lead by example.


We strive to keep ourselves up-to-date with the changes in the practice of accounting profession to equip us and sustain our endeavor of assisting fellow members, especially those who are new to the country, and the community at large.


We treat our fellow members and the public with respect, dignity and courtesy. We ensure that decisions made are ethical and reflect the Association's social conscience.


We arrive at the best solution by working together with fellow members, partners and the public at-large. We form partnership with other organizations that share our values and interests to further the goals of the Association.

Executive Council
AFCA - AGM 2024 (51).jpg

2024 Executive Council 

President - Thelma Siglos, CPA, CA

Vice-President - Teresita "Tess" Martires

Secretary - Emelyn Tugade, CPA, CGA

Treasurer - Ayena Cañete

Auditor - Menchu Bautista

Director - Julius Biliran

Director - Mary Anthonette Tecson, CIA/CISA

Director - Shirley Shannon, CPA, CGA

Director - Lorna Nutter, CPA, CGA

Past President - Rowena Altamirano, CPA, CGA

 COMMITTEES and its functions

Finance & Fund Raising

  • Monitors the finances of AFCA.
         (Financial Oversight,
         Resource Development &
         Budget Management)


  • Assists in soliciting sponsors for Professional Development events, if necessary.


  • Receives and screens all membership applications and recommends acceptance to the Executive Council.

  • The Registrar maintains the member lists annually and monitors the status of members.

Mentorship Program Coordinator

  • Assists new member immigrants assimilate in the Canadian workforce through mentorship with ISS of BC and other opportunities as may be available through AFCA members.

Professional Development & Education

  • Plans and organizes Professional Development activities for the year which could either be 2 half day events or one full day event per year.

Public Relations & Communications

  • Liaises with local Filipino print media companies to advertise AFCA activities.

  • Coordinates with CRA and other non-profit organizations on AFCA’s annual participation in the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).

  • Coordinates with other non-profit organizations on community events such as Philippine Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony.

Social & Community Relations

  • Plans and organizes social events such as Summer Picnic (if any), AGM, Christmas/New Year’s Party.

  • Plans and organizes 2 or 3 Café AFCA networking events in one year.

Nomination & Election

  • This Committee is automatically chaired by the immediate past president and all past presidents are the members.

  • Identifies and nominates potential directors.

  • Facilitates the election of officers at the Annual General Meeting.

Values & Ethics

  • Reviews AFCA’s Code of Ethics

  • Handles member’s breach of AFCA’s ethical standards, if any.

Web Development Team

  • Maintains the AFCA website.

  • Offers training for staff members who contribute to the website and providing support for any issues they encounter.

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